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iPolisher-C with integrated online TOC monitor and Allen Bradley™ control package

Space Saving iPolisher-C Improves Circulation, Reduces Heat Buildup in USP Water System

A generic drug manufacturer’s western New Jersey facility

System Challenges:
TThe facility’s generation system produced USP grade water for use on-demand in R&D and manufacturing labs. The system was a dead-end design, with close to one mile of piping and low user draw rates. This contributed to high bio build-up that contaminated users’ experiments and damaged lab equipment. System cleaning to reduce the bio load cost $6,000 per month. In addition, the system’s large circulating pumps ran continuously, resulting in extensive heat buildup. Existing piping was polypropylene, which has a limited high temperature operating range and could compromise system performance.


Facility engineers were looking to reduce the frequency of system cleaning, improve system circulation and reduce heat buildup ahead of a scheduled facility expansion that would require additional system piping. They wanted a good quality, space-saving water distribution system that would work with existing and new piping, accommodate low user draw, and maintain acceptable operating temperatures. It was also important to have a quick turnaround and meet their budget constraints.

The engineers were also looking for a pre-treatment system to remove TOCs from the well water feed to the system.

The iPolisher Solution:
Pure H2O Technologies constructed a skid-mounted iPolisher-C unit with an integrated loop cooler, duplex pumps, polypropylene piping, duplex final filters and all operating instrumentation and controls. A polypropylene storage tank was also provided.

To solve the feed water problem, Pure H2O Technologies specified an automated UV/Carbon dechlorination system to control TOC levels from the well water supply to the main treatment equipment.

All equipment, including the UV/Carbon pre-treatment and loop cooler components, was factory built and tested prior to shipment. A standard FAT was performed and witnessed prior to shipping the equipment to the field, building confidence in the performance and reliability of its operation.

Customer Benefits:
The space-saving, budget-friendly iPolisher-C unit was installed and running in a few days. It proved capable of handling the high circulation, low flow conditions while maintaining acceptable operating temperatures within the piping system. System cleaning costs were greatly reduced. The unit has been operating satisfactorily for four years.