We guarantee that your iPure system will produce high purity water to your exacting specifications before it leaves our factory.


iPure-C unit with optional EDI module

Standardized iPure-C System Meets Customer’s Tight Delivery & Validation Schedule

A pharmaceuticals company’s research and production facility

System Challenges:
This manufacturer of generic, OTC and branded private label pharmaceuticals housed part of its operations in an older manufacturing facility in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Facility engineers had purchased several iPure-C units before, and ordered another unit to support a scheduled expansion. The new unit, like its predecessors, would be supplied with municipal water and produce guaranteed minimum USP quality water for R&D and manufacturing labs. USP water would also be needed on demand at the generation unit itself.

The challenges this time were to meet a tight 8-week delivery schedule with a standard unit that could go through the submittal process and be validated and operational as quickly as possible. Like the previously supplied units, this one had to be sized to fit through the facility’s smaller doors and corridors.

The iPure Solution:
Pure H2O Technologies constructed an iPure-C unit to the same specifications of the previous units. This “C” series RO combined the features of more sophisticated units with the economy of single skid construction. EDI was incorporated into the design to eliminate service exchange bottles and provide high purity on-demand water. The unit also had a small footprint, allowing it to fit through doorways and into the smaller work areas.

Equipment was all factory built and tested prior to shipment. A standard FAT was performed and witnessed prior to shipping the equipment to the field, building confidence in the performance and reliability of its operation.

Customer Benefits:
By constructing the same single skid iPure-C unit as before, the submittal process was considerably shortened and unit construction began sooner, allowing Pure H2O Technologies to deliver within the 8-week window. Startup and on-site validation was also accomplished more quickly. This user has multiple units, and the standard design of the iPure-C makes operation and maintenance easy for a staff that is now familiar with how they perform. The operators are comfortable with iPure-C construction, and spare parts are common among the different units. One iPure-C unit has been shipped to another site, hundreds of miles away, to be used as a temporary system, while the existing plant system was being refurbished.

This user is satisfied with iPure-C operation – enough to have purchased four units.