iPure Units

Patented, modular construction

  •  Integrates state-of-the-art membrane and ion exchange technologies 
  •  Compact system can be sized to produce from 300 to 18,000 gallons per day of high purity water
  •  Design allows for multiple system configurations and easy system expansion
  •  Standardized unit design means faster delivery, quick startup and faster validation

Easily meets high purity specs

  •  Standard unit consistently produces 99-99.99% reduction in dissolved inorganics;  95-99% reductions in organics greater than 150 NMW; and 99% reduction in suspended particles, colloids, micro-organisms and pyrogen  
  • Produces water to USP, WFI, ASTM, and CAP specs with additional pre-engineered modules

Lightning fast installation and startup 

  •  Arrives at your site skid-mounted, fully tested, and ready for installation
  •  Requires only five service utility connections
  •  Installs in less than half the time it takes to assemble and test competitive system
  •  Starts producing on-spec water in minutes – competitive systems can take days or weeks to start up
  •  Can also be monitored and controlled remotely

97+% Up-time

  •  Simple, user-friendly operation – operators don’t need to be water treatment experts to produce on-spec product
  •  Reliable for continuous or intermittent production
  •  Minimal system maintenance

Lower total cost of ownership

  •  No costly service exchange units or regeneration chemicals.
  •  Operating expenses are 10% to 600% lower than traditional systems
  •  Installation and startup costs are significantly lower

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